1. (a) A Program Manager shall, at a minimum: (1) Be a registered Professional Engineer, or have 10 years of tunnel or bridge inspection experience; (2) Be a nationally certified tunnel inspector; (3) Satisfy the requirements of paragraphs (a)(1) and (2) of this section by August 13, ; and (4) Be able to determine when a Team Leader's qualifications must meet the requirements of paragraph (b.
  2. The aim of the "OpOrTunIty" (Operation Oriented Tunnel Inspection System) project, which started in October , is an all-embracing process for the inspection of tunnel systems – from data collection to automated data analysis up to integration into a BIM-compliant planning system.
  3. Tunnel management is a cyclical process that includes NTIS inspections and life safety evaluations, prioritizing and implementing improvements, then starting the process again.
  4. You can use tunnel content inspection to enforce Security, DoS Protection, and QoS policies on traffic in these types of tunnels and on traffic nested within another cleartext tunnel (for example, Null Encrypted IPSec inside a GRE tunnel).
  5. The target audience for the Tunnel Safety Inspection ILT course is primarily members of Federal, State, local (Authority or Commission) and Tribal highway agency employees, who are involved with tunnel design, inspection and maintenance, as well as consultants involved in inspecting tunnels or in tunnel inspection management and leadership positions.
  6. Tunnel Inspection. Plumbers! Did you excavate a tunnel over 5 feet? As you may know, City of San Antonio DSD now requires a qualified professional to inspect tunnels over 5′ long. We can make this is easy for you! How does the process work?
  7. Global was contracted to perform tunnel inspection dive services at a hydroelectric facility in Washington. The team conducted ’ and ’ penetration dives at depths not exceeding 30 feet into the facility’s water-filled rock access tunnel.
  8. Recent Progress: Virginia Tunnel Inspections June 27, RESTRICTED – CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INFORMATION; This document and all information contained therein is considered as Critical Infrastructure Information and is to be handled in accordance with VDOT’s CII/SSI Policy and Guide. Information contai ned within.

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